Thermowood decking

Product Description

Thermowood is a chemical-free timber, made weatherproof by heat treatment exclusively. The complex, special heat treatment process consisting of several steps will ensure that it can be applied outdoor, even without any surface treatment! No need for expensive, difficult chemical surface treatment! Thermowood can resist the attack of wood-worms and funguses; its durability can compete with the most expensive tropical wood species as well. Its advantage is that owing to the special heat treatment it does not get distorted, 

does not swell under the effect of moisture; it is the outdoor pavement which moves to the least extent. It is surprisingly light; it has low specific weight and can excellently resist the weather circumstances even when laid down on a large surface.

Thermowood decking does not need any special surface treatment, even outdoor surfaces exposed to extreme weather conditions!  The protection is given by the heat treatment itself! 

Although it makes a very good appearance and is weather-proof without treatment as well, it will lose its nice silky brown colour  and become imposing silver grey during the course of time.

You can treat it with oil for aesthetic reasons, but it is not absolutely necessary; it is worth waiting for several months after laying down, because you will not probably need it at all! Possible treatment with oil will be useful only from aesthetic aspects; it will not influence the life of the timber. 

We sell BIOPIN terrace oils made of only vegetable oils and resins, but there are commercial products produced by other manufacturers as well.


Manually: you can easily remove simple surface contaminants with a brush and water. You can use abrasive paper as well.


With machine: treat the high-pressure washing devices cautiously because too high pressure may even cause surface injuries.