Surface treatment agents

Product Description

We sell Milesi and Biopin type surface treatment agents. As regards wood material protection, Milesi has history of almost 60 years. Milesi brand name has become famous for not only its developments but also such excellent surface treatment agents, which ensure excellent colours, beauty and durability to the wood material. In addition,  we sell BIOPIN products which are environment-friendly products consisting of only vegetable oils and resin.

  1. Denomination:Biopin products
    Origin: Germany
    Natural surface treatment agents made of natural substances such as vegetable oils, waxes, bee wax, non toxic mineral pigments. It can equally be applied outdoor and indoor for wooden walking surfaces, pieces of furniture, children's toys.
    Product assortment  Packaging
    Outdoor deckingoil  2,5 L
    Fungicide and insecticide 0,75 L and 2,5 L
    Outdoor garden furniture oil 2,5 L
    Outdoor waterproofing oil 2,5 L
    Greyness remover 1 L
    Indoor hard counter oil  0,75 L
    Indoor furniture bee wax 0,75 L


  2. Description:Milesi products
    Origin: Italy
    Product assortment Packaging
    Thin transparent colour XGT in several colours 1 kg
    Priming wood dye XHT in several colours 1 kg
    Outdoor covering transparent colour XGC 43/M 1 kg
    Wood plaster in the colour of several tree species 0,25 kg
    Wood plaster in pine colour 0,5 kg


    We can provide any Milesi product in 48 hours if the product code is given.