High pressure treated pine decking

High pressure treated pine decking

Product Description

Owing to the impregnator pressed in the alburn for preventing damage caused by fungi and insects, life period of impregnated products is multiple of those without impregnation. These products do not need any special care, but their colour will change over the course of time, they will grey. 

The wood texture will not be injured during the process; its physical properties will remain. Following a proper drying period, the impregnator cannot be washed out from the wood and the impregnated timber can be used. 

Colour of the impregnated timber is usually brown or green, in accordance with the colour of the impregnator. 

This colour will become greyish brown in the course of time as a result of the ageing process of the timber. 

High pressure treated pine decking does not need any special surface treatment.

When laying the decking, it is reasonable to build it on a backing structure in order it should not contact the soil and can ensure ventilation.  

It must be fixed with stainless steel special terrace paving screws on high pressure treated wood frame (stud frame) of ca.  60 cm spacing.


The good terrace must be slightly sloping outwards if possible in order to drain water from the terrace.


Manually: you can easily remove simple surface contaminants with a brush and water. You can use abrasive paper as well.


With machine: treat the high-pressure washing devices cautiously because too high pressure may even cause surface injuries.