Air-dried hardwood lumber

Air-dried hardwood lumber

Product Description

Air-dried hardwood lumber for joinery industry. Advantage of these products is that they are cheaper than the kiln dried wood material and easily workable, natural raw materials.

  1. Species:Acacia
    Origin: Europe
    Colour: characteristic, greenish-yellowish-brownish
    Bulk Density:

    650-850 kg/m3

    Moisture Content: változó, 12-18 %

    Very hard, flexible and tough. Pliable, slightly contracts and moderately workable wood material.

  2. Species:oak
    Origin: Europe
    Colour: yellowish-brown
    Moisture Content: various

    Very durable, hard wood, solid, coarse-grained, flexible and well workable. It is a wood material easy to finish. It can be well sawn, planed and glued. 

  1. Unedged broad-leaved sawntimber

    Sawn on 2 sides, its 2 longitudinal thinner sides are covered with bark.

  1. Air-dried leaf broad-leaved sawnwood for joinery industry

    Quality class: I. - III.