About Us



Salix-Lignum Ltd was founded as a family enterprise in the spring of 2002. Its main object was processing and wholesale trading of joinery quality coniferous sawn timber of Ukrainian and Russian origin.
At the request of our clients purchasing in smaller volume, we soon offered our products kiln dried (dried in the place of origin of the products, or domestic dryers), so majority of our turnover came from the purchases of domestic joinery industry specialists.  
We established very good relationships with our Ukrainian partners and the owners and operators of the sawing plants, so we always received the best quality sawn goods. Due to these partnerships, our turnover has multiplied.
In order to offer a wider range of products, we started to sell panelled solid wood boards, as well as compressed window scantlings.  
The more and more increasing demand required greater and greater storing and servicing area, so we managed to establish a larger, modern site from 2006 to 2008, which is permanently extended and modernized almost each year for quicker servicing.
Based on this background, we managed to conclude a long-term agreement with the owner of one of the most modern wood processing plants of Russia in 2007, for the distribution of panelled materials, compressed door and window scantlings, larch deckings and other planed, glued products made of Siberian pine and larch originating from the valley of the Angara River.
These products are very popular among our customers: due to their extremely dense fibre structure they are easy to work and polish.
We extended our circle of suppliers, so we already purchase from Austria (sawn wood, wainscot, strip floor), Poland (impregnated wood materials), Latvia and Lithuania (panelled materials, door and window scantlings).


Istvan Pados

general manager